Amigo was Aurel

Amigo was his nickname.

We can’t figure how he got it from.

He was probably a very nice guy.

Amigo Roy was well known by Dean Black another very nice guy.

Dean is the reader who wrote this comment…


I am Lieutenant-Colonel (Retired) Dean C. Black, CD – Commanding Officer 403 “Wolf” Squadron (2000-2002).

In 2001 I led the squadron’s celebration of the 60th anniversary of the squadron’s formation. I also found in the filing cabinets a draft of the squadron’s history which had been languishing for ten years. I wrote the closing chapters, bringing it up to date, and then published the book, selling over 1,500 copies. I have two left, but these have been autographed by many 403 Spitfire pilots, so they are invaluable mementos. In December 2010 Steve Butte invited me to Australia to be with him as he was dying. I invested him as the Honorary Colonel of the Squadron in April 2002.

All this to say, I am impressed with your site, and I have much to offer.

Are you interested?

I am currently serving as Executive Director Air Force Association of Canada ( and Executive Editor of Airforce magazine.

I would be lying if I said I was not impressed.

Impressed not because he was a retired Lieutenant-Colonel Commanding Officer of 403 Wolf Squadron.

I was impressed by this…

In December 2010 Steve Butte invited me to Australia to be with him as he was dying.

Dean had to be a nice guy.

Then I started looking for information about Amigo… and found this

I had found nothing on him before. Dean had not posted Amigo’s obituary yet on site.

This is what impressed me the most about Amigo’s obituary…

A 1948 fire destroyed his parent’s home. His most prized possession – his pilot’s flying log book – perished, along with his medals, photos and uniforms. Consequently, he had no desire to tell his friends about a life for which he had no supporting evidence.

Under false pretences we coaxed Aurel back to New Brunswick the following year (2002). In a surprise Black-tie military ceremony I presented Aurel with a mint-condition Second World War RCAF Pilot’s Log Book containing information – missions, sorties, hours flown, places, dates – gathered during ten long months of research. All his training flights and Spitfire combat sorties were documented, reflecting the facts found in the squadron’s war logs. Aurel was stunned and speechless; the rest of us were misty-eyed and really choked up.

Dean is a nice guy and nice guys are no. 1 in my “logbook”.

Dean sent me some pictures of Amigo.

He is willing to share them with my readers.

Steve Butte and Aurel “Amigo” Roy in attendance at the 60th anniversary of the formation of 403 Squadron,
at Canadian Forces Base Gagetown Oromocto, New Brunswick June 2001.

Collection Dean Black

There is also this one taken when Amigo was presented a new logbook.

Collection Dean Black

As a footnote to this article.

When I met Greg in September, I told him that sharing his grandfather’s logbook and photo album would bring a lot of surprises.

I never expected this one.

Collection Dean Black