Amigo Roy

I have search a lot on the Internet to find information about Amigo.

His second name was Roy.

No Joy…

No Joy… until Dean wrote a comment and the floodgate opened wide.

I figured Amigo could have been French-Canadian as “moiself”.

Walter Dove used this word in his photo album.

Moiself… for myself.

Collection Walter Neil Dove

I am sure Walter Dove was a nice guy.

When I met his grandson Greg, I knew I had met a nice guy.

Greg is in his mid-twenties and he has a deep interest in aviation.

I am in my early sixties and I always had a deep interest in aviation.

It started when I was 10 years old when I first built my first model plane.

It was a F-86 Sabre Jet model kit. My brother had chosen a… Spitfire! I knew nothing about the Spitfire or about WWII for that matter.

The passion for aviation continued on.

So it was natural to offer Greg to pay homage to his grandfather using the logbook and the photo album and share with others using this blog.

Getting back to the photo album, this is one of the pages…

Collection Walter Neil Dove

A picture is missing.

Quite strange.

Amigo’s picture is missing.

Why is it missing?

I think I might have an explanation.

Come back next time.

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