This comment will get some attention…

To you readers who have been following this blog since September…

Hello, I am Lieutenant-Colonel (Retired) Dean C. Black, CD – Commanding Officer 403 “Wolf” Squadron (2000-2002).

In 2001 I led the squadron’s celebration of the 60th anniversary of the squadron’s formation. I also found in the filing cabinets a draft of the squadron’s history which had been languishing for ten years. I wrote the closing chapters, bringing it up to date, and then published the book, selling over 1,500 copies.

I have two left, but these have been autographed by many 403 Spitfire pilots, so they are invaluable mementos. In December 2010 Steve Butte invited me to Australia to be with him as he was dying. I invested him as the Honorary Colonel of the Squadron in April 2002.

All this to say, I am impressed with your site, and I have much to offer.

Are you interested?

I am currently serving as Executive Director Air Force Association of Canada ( and Executive Editor of Airforce magazine.

I know 403 Wolf Squadron will celebrate its 72nd anniversary in 2013.

I found the information on this site.

Well that’s great news.

I know Greg will be happy to read this.


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