Paying homage to Ron Beasley

Collection Walter Neil Dove

In memory of
Flying Officer
who died on December 24, 1944

Collection Walter Neil Dove

Military Service:

Service Number: J/23867
Age: 24
Force: Air Force
Unit: Royal Canadian Air Force
Division: 416 Sqdn.

Additional Information:

Son of John and Susan Beasley, of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada; husband of Margaret Irene Beasley, of Ottawa. Mrs. Susan Beasley was a Silver Cross Mother having lost her two sons, Flying Officer Joseph Ronald and Aircraftsman 1st Class William Harold Beasley who died on 12 June 1944.
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18 thoughts on “Paying homage to Ron Beasley

  1. This is the first time I’ve seen a picture of Ron and am very pleased to see it. Is there a way of getting a copy of the group photo shown on the site. I was born 2 years after he was killed in action however he is my 1C1R and I’m trying to find out about him and whether or not there is still any of his family around — I believe he and Margaret had a child however no one seems to know anything about this person or what happened to his wife following his death.

  2. Hi…I have been researching members of my family that served during the second World War…I remember my Dad talking of Ronald visiting him at our family home in Morden,Surrey,UK, when my Dad was a child…I believe he visited on several occasions…my Dad had various clippings etc at home and I intend to visit his grave in Belgium with my own children later this year…elder relatives have visited the site several times (alas,no longer here)…if anybody concerned with the Beasley family reads this post,I would truly be happy to receive a message for email contact…thanks…Stephen Beasley.

    • If you want to contribute to this blog like Mark White is doing, you can do it with pictures or anything you want to share with us.
      This blog started because Greg Bell was willing to share all he had from his grandfather’s time in WWII. He had a lot!
      I am getting to 300 posts on this blog. Two more blogs evolved from this one.
      People share and I share, I ask for no money or Paypal donation.

      • Hi Pierre…
        I’m not sure if you got my earlier reply regarding anything I can find… yes of course, anything I can find I will share… it may take some doing to find as the older generations have all passed on… I’ll certainly put some effort into finding out though… this is just in case you didn’t get my earlier reply…(or as I suspect, I didn’t log on properly !)

  3. Stephen — if you’d like to contact me by e-mail I’d be pleased to respond — sounds like another addition to the family tree — Frank

      • Hi Pierre…
        I don’t have an email for Frank yet so if I send a message/email, can you pass it on please ? I have to say that putting together a clear and succinct family history is harder than I imagined… I also learned some new information recently in that some of J.R.Beasley`s relatives visited my Aunt here in the UK, 2 or 3 years ago… my own mother went along too and I’m told that J.R Beasley was actually brought down by “friendly” fire ! … what a terrible waste… I’ll pass on any info etc that I may find and hope to hear that you can pass an email along to Frank.


      • I just wrote you a personal message giving you his e-mail.
        If it does not work, please write again here or reply to my e-mail.
        Frank should get in touch.


      • Hello Steve — my e-mail is […]. You’re correct about Ron in the respect that he was downed by U.S. flak from what I’ve been able to find out. I’m very curious of course as to who is your aunt who was visited a while back by some of Ron’s relatives.
        Could that person be Ann Hayward from Hayling Island? She is the only person that I know right now that is in England, however now that you’re on board I’m sure there are lots more that my dad had forgotten about or those whom he had lost track of over the years.

      • Hi Steve — I do look forward to contact with you — as your Dad was a cousin of Ron’s then that will put us both onto the same tree at some point — I’m excited about finding more people to fill in our family history. I’d love to know who, when , where etc. so we can figure out where we both are located — Frank

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