Dad is on the left…

Michael has his father’s logbook. I am sure he is going to take a closer look now. I know I would just like I did with Walter Neil Dove’s logbook.

Every information is there about their service record with the RCAF.

This last picture Michael sent yesterday is probably taken in 1943 or there about.

“Van” Sainsbury was probably not with the 403 at that time.

Michael will probably fill me in on this using his father’s logbook.

You can now click on this picture to see it more closely.

I have enlarged it.

This is most probably a Spitfire Mk V but I am not sure. The exhaust pipes are not the same one as on a Mk V.

It has a three-blade propeller. The Mk IX’s propeller had four blades as well as the Mk XIV that Van Sainsbury flew when he was with Greg’s grandfather.

I don’t recognise the other two pilots.

I would if they were with 403 Squadron after December 1944 because Greg sent me so many pictures.

We will just have to wait. 

While we are waiting, here are some more pictures of Van and a well-known RAF ace…