Boy Did I Get It Wrong…

I thought the acronym Met meant Me-109

I got this comment… because of this article.

Click here.

It was about an information in this image. I got confused and wrote…

58 Me-109s shot down in one mission…!

The comment I got was this…

MET = Mechanical Transport

I made the correction. 

I found it strange when I read it first in Flight Lieutenant Walter Dove’s logbook but I jumped the gun so to speak and I figured he meant Me 109s.

58 Me-109s shot down in one mission…!

58 Met bagged today by the squadron…

Now I stand corrected.

If you find anymore mistakes please write a comment.

4 thoughts on “Boy Did I Get It Wrong…

  1. Met also means Meteorological report, eg., what’s the met for today ? Or “the met for today’s target expected to be………….”

  2. If he meant Mechanical Transport, I take it that the Squadron aircraft were shooting at Transport moving along the roads. Did you have a date when this was happening? and what was he flying? Very Interesting. Must have been low level stuff.

    • All the logbook is on this blog.
      Everything from December 1944 to June 1945.
      Greg’s grandfather was a young 20 year-old kid.
      He did 74 trips.

  3. Final answer…


    Mechanized Enemy Transport

    See this link…

    “Double strike on the Zuider Zee”
    April 16, 1945
    F/O EAW (Ted) Smith & F/L Alan Willis
    2nd Tactical Air Force 132nd Wing, 127 Squadron RAF.
    In this dramatic print Aviation artist Michael Short vividly brings to life the spectacle and drama of air to ground combat during the later stages of World War Two.
    F/O Smith in his Spitfire XVI is attaching 2 MET’s (Mechanized Enemy Transport) on the causeway in Western Holland. His number two the Rhodesian F/L Alan Willis is attacking a Flak barge. He succeeded in destroying the Barge.
    F/L Alan Willis was shot down 11 days later. Miraculously he survived and spent the last 10 days of the war as a POW.

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