Fortunately no one in April was shot down by a T-Bolt… or a Mustang!

This is the second part of April 1945 in the logbook…

This is the page after the one where we read that on March 31, 1945 two Spitfires of 416 Squadron were shot down by a Mustang.

This is a Mustang.

One of the best fighter in WWII.

The Spitfire was also one of the best.

We could argue which one was the best.

We could also argue who were the best pilots in WWII.

I would say Canadians were… but I might be a little biased.


How come American pilots would shoot at British planes?

The fog of war?

I think I have part of the answer.

This comes from two WWII pilots.

One was flying a Typhoon and the other a Mosquito.

Both we great airplanes.

In fact I believe the Mosquito was the best airplane in WWII and Mosquito pilots were the best, but we won’t go into this and start a fight.


Some pilots would drink a lot the night before a mission.

Some pilots would be scared like hell before… during… and after a mission.

Some pilots would shot at anything that moved…

In the fog of war sometimes you can’t distinguish friends from foes.

One Typhoon pilot once said that some P-47s would shoot at them…

Now we have proof of this in Walter Neil Dove’s logbook.

We won’t start a fight about this.

This is not what’s this blog is all about.

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