Setting Up Camp

April 1945

Flight Lieutenant Walter Neil Dove was in Goch, Germany.

403 Squadron was setting up camp.

Buzz Burdis is still alive as we saw last time.

So are Doug Lindsay, Hart Finley and Keith Lindsay who all three survived the war.

This was in the back of the picture…

Greg asked me if Andrew wrote back  since he put a comment on this blog.

Not yet I said…

Andrew saw pictures of his grandfather on this blog.

That’s the reason why we put them on.

Lest we forget those brave men like Buzz Burdis, Doug Lindsay, Hart Finley and Keith Lindsay, and the still elusive Gil Gillis from Pense, Saskatchewan.


2 thoughts on “Setting Up Camp

  1. Wow! I posted the letter and photo of Wallace Burdis on the Virtual War Mem site. Wallace was the only child of my great-uncle, related by marriage, so he has no blood relatives, but we remember him all the time because his dad, Uncle Clem and his step-mom, Aunt Alice, were a very close part of our family. I am so thrilled to see pictures of Wally that we didn’t even know existed! My dad is going to be so excited to see them. Thank you!

    • Glad to keep Wallace Burdis’ memories alive.
      When I met Greg Bell in September, I told him we were going to reach out for relatives of his grandfather’s comrades-in-arms.
      You are the 10th person to write a comment connected to these fine young men.
      They gave so much.


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