8 December 2011

65 years ago on December 8, 1944, Flight Lieutenant Dove took off on his first mission.

I wrote an article about it…

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He would do 74 missions.

This information is on this page.

On his 74th mission he flew escort for 6 Dakotas on a peace mission.

Piece of cake!

He could have been killed at least 74 times.

But he survived the war.

But he was not alone to survive the war…

Greg also did in a sense, and now he has a sense of history for the rest of his life just like Steve Hawley who wrote a poem about Able Seaman Malone.

Greg is keeping his grandfather’s memories alive by allowing me to write this blog about 403 Squadron .

So take the time to look at these two logbook pages and just imagine how Greg’s grandfather felt having survive and flying escort on a peace mission.

If you want to know more about this mission… look at this picture taken on May 7, 1945.

Douglas Dakota Mark IV, KN427 ‘AY’, of No. 437 Squadron RCAF, leads a formation of Dakotas over Copenhagen, bringing a SHAEF Mission to Denmark. For the source click here.

To learn more about the peace mission click here. 

You will also get a sense of history.