Me and my friend Tommy Todd

This is my 51th article.

More than 2000 visitors.

I think we are getting somewhere with this blog about RCAF No. 403 Squadron.

This will make Tony Cannell smile… and Tommy Todd’s wife also.

Her name is Val.

Tommy is no longer with us, but Val is.

Walter Neil Dove and Tommy Todd were friends…

Need some proof?

This photo album page with the caption says it all doesn’t it.

Walter and Tommy were living in that house.

It’s on General Wahis boulevard in Brussels.

Want more?

This was in the back of the picture…

Greg sent me this picture of Hank Zary…

Look at the plane’s name….

Val was immortalized.

Have you noticed that a picture is missing…

Me & Friend Tommy Todd of Hamilton Ont.

I wonder where it is?