Remembrance Day 2011: F/L Walter Neil Dove (J11000)

I wonder if…

Greg has talked to someone about his grandpa when he was a kid.

You know like a kid in his classroom in front of the class.

Probably not. 

I will have to ask him someday.

Greg finally told me his grandpa had talked about the war to friends and family .

War veterans don’t talk that much though.

Most keep it to themselves buried deep inside.

Greg told me nothing was written down about his grandpa.

In a way this blog let’s Walter Neil Dove talk to us about himself and his comrades in arms… with his pictures and his logbook.

It’s his way to pay homage to them who served their country.

In 1944 Greg’s grandpa was just a kid…

Greg sent me this picture Wednesday night…

I had asked him to send it so I could use it on Rememberance Day.

I remembered seeing it in September when I met him for the first time at his parents’ place.

This is his grandpa.

I  was too much amazed when I first saw it, much more than when I saw  Johnnie Johnson’s pictures Greg had in his grandpa’s photo album.

So much so that I never thought at looking at the back of the picture when he first showed it to me…

All the information I needed to start looking for Walter Neil Dove was there.

Rank… Name… Serial Number…

J11000 RCAF

Now I have…

Sometimes you miss the obvious when looking for someone…

So next time Greg sends me something I will try not to be too much amazed…


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