If you happen to stumble on this blog…

Then you are missing a lot…

A lot…

A lot about the history of RCAF No. 403  Squadron from December 1944 through May 1945.

This is my 44th article since September.

This mission all started with a few pictures of unknown pilots from a photo album of an little known Canadian Spitfire pilot with the RCAF.

Walter Neil Dove most probably never talked that much about the war.

His grandson had his photo allbum and his logbook.

Just one pilot was well known to me in this group picture taken in March 1945.

Johnnie Johnson.

I knew who he was.

He was the RAF top ace with 38 enemy aircraft destroyed. 

The caption from this picture scanned last week is most interesting.

Greg’s grandfather wrote it… in 1945!

That’s History!

Greg and I are on a special mission to share that part of History.

Greg is scanning and I am writing.

Greg is scanning like hell and I am writing likewise.

Nothing compare though to the hell some pilots went through during WW II…

Like Sandy Borland shot down by T-Bolt.

Here are some more pictures Greg scanned last week.

I said to him these would jump start our blog about his grandfather’s  photo album and logbook and increase its visibility…

9 thoughts on “If you happen to stumble on this blog…

  1. As a boy I read two of WC Johnnie Johnson’s books. I still have copies of “Wing Commander” and “Full Circle”.
    In 1990, we (CFB Baden – Honour Guard) were honoured to participate in a commemoration of a Memorial Cairn at St Croix sur Mer where Johnnie was the CO of 144 Wing RCAF. I was most pleased to have my photo taken with him.
    Thank you for this! John Hawley

    • Water Neil Dove was once a wingman of Johnnie Johnson on an escort mission for U.S. bombers.
      This is in the logbook.
      Since you have to trust your wingman with your life so this means Walter Dove must have been a good pilot.

  2. My dad was an airframe mechanic with the 403 127 wing…
    Would love to stumble on some photos of him with the squadron…
    Wish I would have done some intensive research on this while he was still around…


    Doug Kitchen

  3. I loved this blog. I am the daughter of Pierre Lecoq (Peter Logan). I have such wonderful memories of my trip to Kenley in 1966 where Dad was based. He loved to fly and went flying with him many times as a child. I would enjoy any and all information about him.

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