No Joy

Greg sent me this message with the 7th and 8th pages of  his grandfather’s logbook…

As if being shot at, was some sort of joy.


I had to look it up…

No Joy: Failure to make visual sighting; or inability to establish radio communications.

Now we know what No Joy means… in the 7th and 8th pages. 

Here are pages 2 through 7 of Walter Neil Dove’s logbook.

This is one is for January 1945 and February 1945.

Evere was a little disrupted by Operation Bodenplatte…

Walter Neil Dove went to Warmwell for some gunnery courses.

Then he came back to Evere.

This is for the first part of the month of March 1945.

This is for the rest of the month of March 1945 and the first days of April.

There should be another one coming because the war ended in May 1945.

So enjoy these pages… Or should we say something which is more appropriate…

Lest We Forget.

Don’t forget to remember…

Rememberance Day is just around the corner…


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