I have to ask Greg…

This post is like a Post-It…

I have to ask Greg if his grandfather talked to him about the war…

I keep forgetting to ask him about it.

It’s like forgetting all those brave men and women who served.

I guess it’s a good thing to have Rememberance Day to remember once a year.

But I prefer to write every day about war veterans on my blogs.

This blog writing all started in August 2009 when I first heard about the sinking ot HMCS Athabaskan.

I knew nothing about it even though history of WW II is my forte.

The same was true about No. 403 Squadron.

My wife’s uncle said he was one of the crew aboard the Athabaskan that sank on April 29, 1944…

Pierre Bachant wanted to see his nieces and nephews before he died. He said in a conversation that was about his brother Jean, wounded on the beach on D-Day, that he was in the engine room when a torpedo struck the ship.

I wanted to know more, but I sensed that Pierre did not want to talk much about it.

But he said just enough that I became curious…

Click here. 

Became curious…

That’s an understatement!

This led me since 2009 to write five blogs, two in French, Souvenirs de guerre and le 425 Alouette and three in English, No. 23 Squadron, Lest We Forget and this one RCAF No. 403 Squadron.

Now with all this writing going around I have to remember to ask Greg…

My wife’s uncle died on February 14, 2010 with all his war memories…

Lest We Forget


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