Back cover of Walter Neil Dove’s logbook



When I met Greg in September, I was totally awestruck by his grandfather’s logbook.

I told him it was precious and he had to share it with everyone who has an interest in History.

Everyone knows that only a few veterans will tell their ordeal.

I forgot to ask Greg if his grandfather talked about his war years.

With his logbook, he will talk to us in a way.

I already have six pages of Walter Neil Dove’s logbook. I know everything he did from December 1944 through March 1945, mission wise that is. 

Names pop out like Gil Gillis, Johnnie Johnson, Hank Zary, and many more.

Some lost their lives like a pilot shot down by mistake by a P-47 Thunderbolt.

One even crashed into a house while taking off.

One pilot was the first Canadian pilot to shoot down a Me-262.

I know you want to know  more…

So stay tuned and come back next time…

We are going on our first mission.

December 8, 1944.


3 thoughts on “Back cover of Walter Neil Dove’s logbook

    • This is the only one I have.
      It’s not mine.
      Greg shares it with everyone as well as the pictures.

      By the way, I am still on quarantine in your forum.
      I find you have an excellent forum.
      This is why I want to become a member.

      Greg will scan the whole logbook with the training part also.

      This logbook is priceless as well as the pictures in it.


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