D. B. Riddell, Manitoulin Is.

The last pilot in Greg’s grandfather’s photo album.

Not much on the Internet about him…

The Luftwaffe put in an appearance again on the four succeeding days but regretted it. Hagenow aerodrome was the hunting area on April 19th, mechanical transport being he objective. Ten vehicles were destroyed and 43 damaged and in addition five locomotives and 33 trucks were damaged. This score was further augmented by seven enemy aircraft destroyed and three damaged. The Falcons began it all when they engaged six FW.190s and destroyed four of them. F/L Pieri got one and shared a second with F/L Stewart. F/L D. J. Dewan and F/O G. M. Horter each knocked down another. The Winnipeg Bears then came along to add to the toll by destroying one-and damaging three. F/O H. C. Dutton destroyed an FW.190 and damaged another while damaged FWs were claimed by F/Os D. B. Riddell and H. R. Robertson. Later F/O C. B. MacConnell destroyed a Ju.88. Unfortunately the squadron lost F/L Henry Cowan who was thought to have crashed at Parchim aerodrome while pursuing an enemy aircraft.

 At least now we have his picture…

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