Squadron Leader “Hank” Zary

The Chief must have been a good pilot…

What about Squadron Leader Zary…?

This on the Internet…

 And another picture on this site…

Hank Zary 

Home in New York City;

Enlisted in Ottawa 26 February 1941.
Trained at
No.3 ITS (graduated 21 June 1941),
No.11 EFTS (graduated 20 August 1941),
No.9 SFTS (graduated 21 November 1941).
Served in North Africa & Europe
Died in Ottawa, Ontario in 1946 of pleurisy
Award presented 14 January 1947

2 thoughts on “Squadron Leader “Hank” Zary

  1. Found this…

    On the 25th March 1945, TB752 was classified as Cat C AC (badly damaged) after the port undercarriage leg failed to lower for landing, the main damage being to the wing and propeller blades. She was removed to No. 409 Repair and Salvage Unit and re-issued to No. 403 “Wolf” Squadron RCAF on 19th April 1945, operating from Diepholz in Germany and bearing the Squadron code KH-Z. On the 21st April and on his very first flight in TB752, the Squadron ‘C.O.’, Squadron Leader ‘Hank’ Zary DFC RCAF destroyed a Me109. Four days later Flying Officer David Leslie destroyed an unidentified German aircraft but believed to be a Fw189 reconnaissance aircraft.

    Source: http://spitfiremuseum.org.uk/spitfire/aircraft.htm

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