Group pictures of No. 403 Squadron

I am sure Greg’s grandfather never talked that much about his wartime experience.

Greg is sharing his grandfather’s photo album with us.

Greg has three group pictures of the squadron…

Walter Neil Dove collection

Walter Neil Dove collection

Walter Neil Dove collection

This is the original scan…

What is most interesting are all the names of the pilots.

I can identify Johnnie Johnson, Greg’s grandfather, Gil Gillis of course, and some others… Fred Arsenault, Mac Reeves who was killed later in the war, etc…

These pictures were taken in March 1945 when Wing Commander Fred Town was saying goodbye to the squadron.

The squadron was stationed at B-90.

B90 was in Petit Brogel, Belgium.

I continued my search on B-90.

Then I found this…

The Luftwaffe appeared again for a brief while on April 23rd. Returning from an early morning patrol of the Bremen-Hamburg area the Wolves met twelve long-nosed FW.190s.  of the aircraft were milling about low over an autobahn, the other four acting as cover at 3,000 feet.

The squadron engaged the four flying as cover and F/Ls H. R. Finley and W. N. Dove each destroyed one. F/O A. McLaren experienced engine failure southeast of Bremen and crash-landed but called up to say that he had got down safely. He eventually was released from a prisoner-of-war camp. Later in the morning two more FWs were seen but they took refuge in cloud.

For the source, click here.

This is a picture of a FW-190 long-nose.

Greg’s grandfather would be proud of Greg if he was still with us.

In a way, Walter Neil Dove will always be with us.

Lest we forget…